Allison Foster


Allison J. Foster has an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Stetson University, and a masterʼs degree in Education with a concentration in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Connecticut. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega. Allison has spent her time professionally and through volunteer work focused with fraternities and sororities. Through her time in the field she has served as a chapter advisor for both men’s and women’s organizations, a trained facilitator for Alcohol Skills Training Program (with Alpha Chi Omega and Pi Kappa Phi) and Ladder of Risk (with Pi Kappa Phi) and currently serves as the Alpha Chi Omega NPC Third Alternate Delegate.

Allison has served in professional roles on campuses working with fraternities and sororities and general student organizations as well as served as a staff member at the national level for Alpha Chi Omega. These positions provide her with an understanding of the roles individuals (volunteers, staff/administrators, and students) play on the campus as well as at the national level. During her time on staff at Alpha Chi Omega, Allison worked alongside staff and volunteers to assess current risk management practices and to develop a new prevention approach for the organization. In her campus positions she has created sustainable change by engaging students in their campus community.

When approaching her work through volunteer and professional roles, Allison believes it is critical to develop relationships and approach change from an environmental approach rather than just individual issues or incidents.

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