Below are descriptions for the extended programs offered by NovakTalks – All extended programs can be tailored to meet your community needs. Sessions can be combined to meet the needs of multiple contingencies over a period of consecutive days. Custom extended programs can also be developed.

Student Risk Symposium
(4.0 - 6.0 hours)

A broader dialogue on risk management that engages students in problem analysis of the key risk issues that are impacting their chapter, organization or community, empowering them to move beyond a traditional risk management session and create strategic initiatives that respond to what needs to change in their organization.

The primary barrier to student or organization engagement in proactive risk management efforts can be attributed to the way the topic has been approached. Rules, policies and a litany of “thou shalt nots” have remained the focus of many risk management programs and resources provided to leadership. This approach has made it difficult to get chapter members on board with proactive efforts and challenging leadership to present as a necessary priority of operations.

Student participants will learn that they can take the lead in re-conceptualizing risk management. Take the conversation beyond policies and compliance and focus on what contributes to the risk issues that prevent your community or organization from operating within an environment that focuses on health and safety. 

This future focused dialogue sure to provide guidance for your organization or community as you tackle one of the most difficult areas of organizational operations.

Student leaders will come together to:

• Recognize that successful risk management will only come from within the organization and be successful only through framing efforts with an emphasis on values and responsibilities to the greater community;

•  Conduct a Problem Analysis of their organization;

•  Identify specific strategies for creating a risk conscious environment in your organization; and

•  Approach the management of risk from a commitment to care approach.

*The session above can be modified to include staff and/or volunteers.

Integrating Action into Operations
(4.0 - 6.0 hours)

This session will examine how leadership within organizations can use our collective knowledge of why people choose to not intervene when they become aware of negative situations that can cause deterioration of the chapter or individual experiences within the chapter, the barriers, to develop strategies for empowering leadership, members and community members to act.

This workshop will empower participants to:

• Utilize the identified barriers to action to evaluate organization environment in order to identify where barriers can be reinforced;

• Design organization operations/systems as well as basic informational programs in such a way as to remove barriers to action; and

• Design strategically developed training to create environments in their community/organization that empower individuals to act in alignment with the values of the chapter.

Call to Action: Re-Aligning Organization Operations 
(1.5 hour meeting with organization)

(2.0 hour meeting with leadership and emerging leaders)

(1.0 hour meeting with newest members)

This three-part program is designed to aid an organization in re-aligning with its values and purpose following sanctions. The multi-tiered approached is targeted at creating a dialogue that engages students in problem analysis empowering them to create strategic initiatives that respond to what needs to change in their organization. Members will be challenged to create a meaningful experience while meeting the behavioral and organizational expectations of the campus and organization.

The intended outcome is for the organization, its leaders and members to better understand what caused the need for a re-alignment and how to meet and exceed the terms of the sanction. It calls upon each level of membership to take ownership in their mistakes and to become part of the solution.